Roanoke Software Developers’ Forum

December 18, 2008

Tonight was the kickoff meeting for the Roanoke Software Developers’ Forum. It was a decent crowd with Luna Innovations and NetVentures being the most notable representatives from Roanoke, and Mailtrust and CCS-inc, in addition to Brian and myself from Vision Point Systems, flying the Blacksburg flag. I’m sure I’ll end up commenting about the cross-valley interactions in many future posts. The dynamic is especially interesting to me since I live in Roanoke and work in Blacksburg.

The hope of this group is to expand what’s been started in Blacksburg earlier in the year. That group has blog here.

I look forward to contributing to the future roundtable discussions, instructional presentations, and social events that the group intends to sponsor. The hope is to mix the topics between broad topics that would be widely interesting to many people in the software industry, Test Driven Development for example, and specific narrow technologies or techniques that you’ll never get to hear about anywhere else (e.g. when to use PostgreSQL vs MySQL).

We’ll see where this goes, but anything that enhances the collective power and noteriety of technology in the Roanoke Region, is worthy of some of my and Vision Point Systems’ attention.


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