IT Management for MBAs

January 10, 2009

I started the second semester in the Wake Forest Executive MBA program today. One of the classes on the transcript for this semester is Information Technology Management. As you can imagine, there’s a good mix of technology tenderfoots and techies in the program. It will be quite interesting to me to see how this class progresses.

Today’s opening session left me with the following thoughts.

  • The professor does seem to appreciate the fact that we are living in exponential times, as is very well communicated through this video. I sensed an academic concession that the topics covered in the class will be outdated soon after this session is finished.
  • There is a negative bias against “IT” from those people who are in non-IT positions. I got a real reminder of how much of a hindrance infrastructure IT folks are perceived as, and how nervous managers can get when it comes to business application implementation.
  • The Client-Server model seems to be pervasive. SAAS was mentioned briefly, but there was an emphasis on how systems are centralized in hardware server.

I’ll keep posting on other interesting items covered down the road.


One Response to “IT Management for MBAs”

  1. Good to see that others in the class are putting their thoughts online. I think those of us with technology background have a chance to provide alot of influence around the class discussions. I also hope we leverage the cross-linkages between IT and the other classes this semester (Marketing, OpsMgmt), which are being greatly impacted by technology changes.

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