a Southwest VA Production

January 21, 2009

The new site has been launched. Vision Point Systems has been working with The Roanoke Regional Partnership and Neathawk, Debuque, and Packet for a few months now on implementing this great new site. ND&P provided the look and feel to go along with the group’s new branding, and we made everything work, and easy for the RRP admins to maintain.

I’m really proud of this site for many reasons, but if for no other reason than for it being a home-grown product. RRP is as much of an advocate of this region as you can get. By choosing us from Blacksburg and ND&P from Roanoke, it was an easy process for us to collaborate, communicate, and actually meet in person to get the project done. The site is even hosted by Tech Squared, also in Roanoke.

Another great aspect of the site is that we were able to use tools and data provided by other parties such as with the Cost of Living Calculator and Site and Building Data.

My favorite, though, is how we’ve brought in the MyScoper events feed here. This is great example of RSS and syndication at work. I’ve spoken with the folks at MyScoper and I know they love that we’re doing this.  I’ll be looking for other potential information providers – perhaps for things like restaurants, weather, outdoor activities, etc.

I see the blogs are already abuzz about this (Stuart Mease, EdPro), and I look forward to the continued evolution of this new tool for the region’s current and future residents.


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