Value Statement for Vision Point Systems

February 7, 2009

One assignment for this weekend’s Strategic Marketing class was to present your company’s value statement. We’ve been talking a bunch about this within the company, but it hasn’t yet made it to paper.

We have been given two main guidelines for what should be covered:

  • A promise or claim in the form of 1 shattering value plus 2-3 secondary value element
  • Proof or reason to believe in the form of evidence or arguments supporting each promise

Here’s my stab:

“Vision Point Systems solves the tough technology challenges our clients face first by discovering the true nature of the problem and only then delivering the solution with a quality integrated and flexible software development process. Instead of simply placing isolated resources on a job, all our clients receive the benefit of the combined collective knowledge of our experienced consulting team. Throughout this process we work as an extension of the client’s business team, and our reputation for reliability, responsiveness, and attentiveness frequently results in strategic long-term partnerships beyond the initial project.”

I’ll try to follow up with any feedback I get from the instructor.


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