Taking Advantage of a Recession

February 17, 2009

Came across this good article from Motley Fool on businesses that will get better during a recession. Here’s a good quote:

Even recessions can be blessings in disguise for strong, well-run businesses — but it takes some time for these blessings to become apparent. And that’s why it’s important to identify now the companies that will likely enjoy these advantages going forward.

In terms of strategic marketing for a consulting firm like Vision Point Systems, I think the recession is a opportunity for us to recognize the kinds of operations activities we should gear our long term focus on.  If companies are still putting money into enhancing certain types of systems now, then those are the types of systems we need to be able to support as our core.

So far, we’ve been successful in providing added value for our clients while times are tight, and our business is successful.


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