Vision Point Systems – Spring Career Fairs

March 2, 2009

Vision Point Systems will be attending a few career fairs this spring. First up is the Spring Lifestyle and Career Fair in Roanoke this Wednesday March 4. We know how the last one went. Now that my expectations are set, I think I’ll be prepared to handle it better. I think the press that the last even recieved will lead to an even greater turnout this time. Hopefully, the increase in overall volume will lead to at least a corresponding increase in volume in technical talent.

The second career fair we’ll be attending is Directions at Virigina Tech on March 17. This will hopefully give us a chance to connect with the emerging Hokies directly. We’ve had a lot of success with recent graduates out of Virginia Tech and we’re looking to really make sure we’ve got our name in front of the proper people down there.

As far as positions, we’re currently looking for:

  • Software Applications Developer (web-heavy, strong in CSS and javascript)
  • System Administration Intern (summer, Linux-heavy)
  • System Analyst (Testing, QA, Writing, etc)

If you or someone you know could be a good fit, come check us out at one of these events!


One Response to “Vision Point Systems – Spring Career Fairs”

  1. stuart mease Says:

    Thanks for coming, Vision Point System will be beside Mailtrust at booth #55. We have 54 exhibitors schedules to attend – – with several more expected…

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