Roanoke Region Stability

February 27, 2009

There’s some press for the Roanoke Region and its stability in these turbulent times in today’s USA today. There’s something to be said for having strengths in strategically beneficial areas – in this case healthcare and education.

I’ve always thought of Roanoke as stable, maybe even frustratingly so when times were booming. There hasn’t been the mass commercialization seen in many other towns along I-81 for example. I think of Harrisonburg and Winchester as examples of this with their rows of new strip malls right off the interstate. Roanoke still feels comparatively mature.

Home prices are notably affordable and I hear very little talk of people having lost value in their homes in the last few months. I’d love to see some data on this some time- that is price fluctuations in the last 2 years compared to NoVA, or even Blacksburg.  the I bet Marty Martin would know.

Thanks to the folks at the Roanoke Regional Partnership for pointing this story out.